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Inu Pape Tsukami Potholder Blue

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Fabric Brand Lawn’s “PapeTsukami” is a potholder in the shape of a dog with droopy ears. This product was created in collaboration with sculptor Misato Sano and textile designer TEXT. Not only is it adorable, it is also thick with excellent functionality.

Size : 200mm × 165mm × 50mm 

Illustration designed by Misato Sano

Textile design : TEXT 

Inu Pape Tsukami design : needlework by Lawn 

※ Please note that the color of the actual product may differ slightly from the photo.

※ Handling
Please be aware of the following points when handling hand-printed items:
- Due to being hand-printed, Inu Pape Tsukami Potholders may have blurred, bleeding or uneven colors. Please enjoy the unique look of each item.
- When ironing Inu Pape Tsukami Potholders, please place a cloth on top of it to protect the hand-printed design.
- Wash alone without other garments or by hand in order to avoid color transfer.