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tosaminosa Handkerchief Light Yellow

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This handkerchief is the perfect size to fit in your pocket or wrap around your lunch box. The design features a dachshund itching to go out for a walk.

100% cotton
Silkscreen hand printed

Size:450mm × 450mm

Illustration designed by Misato Sano

Textile design and needlework: TEXT 

*Please note that the color of the the actual product may differ slightly from the photo.

Please be aware of the following points when handling hand-printed items:
- Due to being hand-printed, tosaminosa handkerchiefs may have blurred, bleeding or uneven colors. Please enjoy the unique look of each item.
- When ironing tosaminosa handkerchiefs, please place a cloth on top of it to protect the hand-printed design.
- Wash alone without other garments or by hand in order to avoid color transfer.